Understanding Industriousness

Industriousness: diligence; persevering determination to perform a task.

Synonyms: diligence, hard work, industry, application, conscientiousness, productiveness, energy.
Antonym: indolence.
MSN Encarta

  • Industriousness is busy — always devising ways to get things done.
  • Industriousness is energetic — putting focus on accomplishments.
  • Industriousness is usable — for a particular purpose or in a special way.
  • Industriousness is diligence — attentiveness and commitment to a task.
  • Industriousness is vigor — strength and energy coupled with intent — a very powerful combination.

Benefits of Industriousness

  • Industriousness provides action — freedom from laziness.
  • Industriousness provides accomplishment — obtaining results, reaching goals.
  • Industriousness provides intensity — passion and depth.
  • Industriousness provides enterprise — ventures with a purpose.
  • Industriousness provides contentment — through fruition and completion of tasks.

Acts of Industriousness in Everyday Life

  • The Bible — Proverbs tells us that a lazy person hates work: "The sluggard's craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work" (21:25).
  • Motion vs. Rest — Newton's first law of motion states that an object in motion tends to remain in motion, and an object at rest tends to remain at rest. This law applies to people too.
  • The Early Bird — This proverbial saying was first recorded in English in 1605 and still to this day, refers to one who arrives first as having the best chance for success.
  • In The Classroom — Industry is encouraged in the school setting, with teachers helping children develop skills to work effectively and independently in order to maximize confidence and achievement.
  • Positive Parenting — Showing our children that we are willing to take chances and experiment with new things in order to create positive outcomes helps them to develop the confidence in doing so for themselves.

Methods for Achieving Industriousness

  • Present Opportunities to Succeed — Helping our children to develop a strong sense of competence and success is a crucial element in helping them develop an industrious nature willing to experiment and tackle life's challenges.
  • Work With Affirmations — Keep close to your dreams. Know what you are working toward and reaffirm your passion and commitment.
  • Keep Active — For pleasure as well as for work, stay in motion. Something in motion is easier to move than something that needs to be restarted time and time again.
  • Keep Company Positive — Surrounding yourself with other people who share in your passions and enthusiasm and vigor will help keep you on track with your goals.
  • Learn To Take The Initiative — Initiative takes the lead with industriousness. By stepping up to the plate we become more involved and active.

Golden Mean


Quotes for Industriousness

It takes struggle, a goal and enthusiasm to make a champion.
- Norman Vincent Peale -
Life is like riding a bike. It is impossible to maintain your balance while standing still.
- Linda Brakeall -
I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work.
- Thomas A. Edison -
I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win-if you don't you won't.
- Bruce Jenner -

Recommended Reading

Instant Turnaround!: Getting People Excited About Coming to Work and Working Hard — by Harry Paul and Ross Reck

A great summary and well-defined method that teaches how to motivate through trust, not fear. It teaches that positive reinforcement works better than being negative or overbearing. Paul and Rock show how managers at all levels can improve and increase productivity.

Discovering the Soul of Service: The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success — by Leonard L. Berry

An entertaining little book of inspirational histories of the success of 14 top service companies. Some of these stories get through to the emotional material that keeps employees and the company focused on the long-term success of the company.

General Rules

Practice virtues daily so that they become ‘habits of the heart’.

Don‘t strive for perfection.

Never give up! Remember: even the greats have off days.

Rely on your intuition.

Avoid extremes. Strive to achieve the golden mean between excess and deficiency of a virtue.

Have fun and enjoy the program with humor and optimism.

I believe in work, hard work, and long hours of work. Men do not breakdown from overwork, but from worry and dissipation. Charles Evans Hughes